Swine – New York City

I recently tried out Swine, a gluten friendly restaurant on 531 Hudson Street in the West Village.  On Swine’s website it says, “We combine food and drink selections at wide price points, amazing music, sexy ambiance, “rock and roll” vibe, but along with warm service to create a sense of “place” in order to reach our goal of being the fine food and beverage loving New Yorker’s spot of choice.“  I found that to be a very accurate description.

There was a bit of a wait for dinner, so we headed to the bar to a drink.  Swine has an excellent drink menu, with several naturally gluten free rums, tequilas, and even two potato vodkas, Tito’s and Liv.  A couple of the specialty cocktails, The Aristocrat and Hot Love, both appeared to be gluten free, but the bar was pretty loud and I thought it would be tough to ask, so I settled for a Tito’s and Tonic.  I plan on ordering Hot Love next time though!

Our table opened up and we headed downstairs to the restaurant for dinner.  Swine is set up with a bar upstairs and a small dining area downstairs.  I really liked the atmosphere at Swine; I think they hit the sexy ambiance they were shooting for.

We told our waiter that we were dining gluten free and he immediately produced gluten free bread, which he informed us was baked fresh, right in Carroll Gardens, by Karen Freer of Free Bread.  Okay, okay, due to the Tito’s I don’t really remember what exactly he told us, so I just copied that off of their website. :)   I always think gluten free bread is a nice touch so I don’t have to sit there just watching others eat their bread, but honestly, gluten free bread usually sucks.  This gluten free bread was awesome, however!  It was by far the best gluten free bread I have every had!!!  They can substitute the same bread for anything on the menu served on or with bread.

We started off with 5 selections on “the boards”.  Fittingly, that is a board with little appetizers on it.  Everything we ordered was excellent, but my personal favorite was the Grafton Cheddar Cheese with Bacon Marmalade.  Bacon Marmalade!  Awesome.  The Tongue Pastrami was also very good, my second favorite of the five.

Next, we split the Pan Roasted Ocean Trout and the Bone Marrow & Brisket Burger.  The Ocean Trout was good, and we had to order it since we had just had a long conversation about pan roasting (I’m trying to learn how to cook).  The Bone Marrow & Brisket Burger was awesome!

For dessert we split the Gluten-Free Cookie Plate: orange cranberry pecan, dark chocolate toffee, and salted milk chocolate caramel.  Amazing – so many great flavors!

Overall, I loved Swine and I’m looking forward to returning.  I give it my highest recommendation.

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