Palace Cafe – New Orleans

I ate at Palace Cafe a three times on my recent NOLA trip.  It is an upscale Dickie Brennan restaurant at 605 Canal Street in the French Quarter.  They have a separate gluten free menu with a pretty extensive selection of gluten free options.  On each of my visits to Palace Cafe, the staff made me feel very comfortable about their gluten awareness.

During several trips to Palace Cafe I had the Cobb Salad, Crab Claws Bordelaise, Ribeye and Shrimp, Grilled Gulf Fish (I can’t remember what the fish was that day), and some shrimp appetizer that many not be on the online gluten free menu since none look familiar.  While everything was good, I enjoyed the Grilled Gulf Fish the most, probably followed by the Crab Claws Bordelaise.  While they don’t have a gluten free desert menu listed online, they were able to point out a few desserts that were gluten free, one of which was the Bananas Foster.  It was excellent!

Below are a couple of pictures of my last lunch at Palace Cafe.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of my dinners and dessert, so despite eating there several times, the pics are pretty limited.  Trust me, everything looked great!

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