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I recently ate a Nizza Restaurant at 630 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen.  I wasn’t really aware of Nizza beforehand, but while we were searching for a place to eat I noticed it had a bunch of great review on Find Me Gluten Free.  We decided to give it a shot, which turned out to be a great decision.  It’s my new favorite Manhattan gluten free restaurant!

Nizza has an extensive gluten free menu.  Along with many appetizers and entrees, Nizza has gluten free bread, desserts,  beer (Estralla Daura), pasta (La Veneziane corn pasta), and pizza.  Well technically, they don’t exactly have gluten free pizza, but they have Socca, a crispy chickpea pancake, on the menu with exactly the same toppings as some of their pizzas.  I will definitely be trying that in the future.

Our meal started with gluten free bread.  While I’ve never been a big bread eater anyway, it is nice not to be excluded from that part of the meal.  It looked far different than the other bread (picture below), but I generally liked it.  My dining companion, who had the non-gluten free bread tried it and described it as “savory”, which I thought was an excellent description.

I had the Tuna “Nizza”, which is a Ligurian style marinated tuna with caperberries, castelvetrano olives, roasted potatoes & haricots verts.  My dining companion ordered the Porcetta, also prepared gluten free for sharing purposes.  Both of these were fantastic and among the best gluten free meals I’ve had!

Overall, I would rank Nizza as the number one gluten free restaurant I’ve been to in New York.  They have great food, excellent service, and a wide selection of gluten free options.

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