Muriel’s – New Orleans – Awesome!

During a recent trip to New Orleans, I ate at Muriel’s five times, twice for dinner, twice for lunch, and once for brunch.  Why did I eat at Muriel’s so frequently?  Because Muriel’s is awesome!!!

Muriel’s is located at 801 Chartres Street, in Jackson Square.  Jackson Square is a cool and beautiful place to hang out, which is a bonus of a trip to Muriel’s.  The fourth time I was eating there, my dinner companion pointed out how architecturally interesting the building itself was.  I wish I could describe that to you, but I was too focused on the amazing food to even remember.  You’ll have to check it out for yourself!

While Muriel’s doesn’t have an enormous gluten free menu, it has sufficient options.  For example, while there are only three entrees on the dinner menu, they are fish, beef, and chicken options, so there is adequate diversity.  The brunch and lunch menus actually have a few more selections, and there are sufficient appetizer and dessert options as well.

The service was fantastic and the staff extremely friendly.  Due to the general professionalism of all I encountered, I felt confident that they were actually preparing my food gluten free.  I tend to worry about that a bit at some places.

The food itself was simply amazing!  It was absolutely the best gluten free food I have ever had and quite possibly the best food I’ve ever eaten period (I’ve only been gluten free for a few years).  I’m still dreaming about the Wood Grilled Chicken.  Unbelievable!  My dining companion, who is not gluten free, raved about the food as much as I did, if not more.  She’s a foody who lives in New York City and frequently eats at fantastic restaurants, so that is high praise indeed.

Below are photos of some of some of what I ate at Muriel’s.  Most of these were presented in a slightly more visually appealing fashion, but looked so delicious that I was unable to stop myself from digging in to them prior to taking a picture.

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