Mozzarelli’s – New York City

I was in Manhattan last week on my way to meet friends and I realized I should probably stop and eat something first.  Although New York is probably the easiest place in the world to eat gluten free, I didn’t want to worry about eating at a regular bar or restaurant, so I figured I would grab a quick bite first.

I always feel like I should eat pizza when I’m eating alone in New York so I stopped by my standby New York pizza place, Mozzarelli’s.  Mozzarelli’s is located at 38 E 23rd St.  The general setup is that the regular (containing gluten) slices are on the bottom shelf and the gluten free slices are on the top.  The slices look completely different in the shape so there is no chance of mixing up the slices.  They generally seem to have 4 or 5 different kinds available for slices at all times.

I wasn’t all that hungry, so I just had one slice with sauce and cheese, but I’ve tried the more exotic varieties on past visits and they’ve all been good.  In this case, I went with the simplest version so I could focus on the crust, which is key to reviewing a gluten free pizza.  While it’s been so long since I’ve had regular pizza that I can’t really compare it to that, I actually enjoyed eating the crust itself.  That is rarely true of other gluten free crust or bread substitutes.  They normally serve simply as a transportation vehicle for the toppings or filler.  But, with Mozzarelli’s pizza, I actually enjoyed eating the crust, at least to some degree!  That is the highest possible praise for a gluten free pizza!

Overall, while I have not yet tried that many, Mozzarelli’s is probably the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever had and I’ve never had any glutening problems there.  I highly recommend Mozzarelli’s.

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