Meals from the Heart Cafe – New Orleans

During a recent stay in New Orleans, I had the pleasure of eating at Meals from the Heart Cafe several times.  Meals from the Heart is located at 1100 N. Peters Street, Bay 13 in the French Market.  For those who have never been there, the French Market is a covered open air market.  Meals from the Heart’s address is actually the back door which is outside of the market, so if you find a door with a 13 on it, you have to kind of loop around to the inside of the market.  While that is probably obvious to most, it took me a couple of minutes to figure out.

Meals from the Heart offers both takeout or eat in (there are stools at the counter or nearby tables) healthy food and caters to food allergies.  The menu list many gluten free options and a few of the items that aren’t listed as gluten free can still be prepared that way (like the crab cakes, for example, although I didn’t get to try those).  The gluten free options include pancakes, po boys, and gumbo.  They open at 9:00 and close around 5:00 or so, apparently depending on when the market closes.  For that reason, it is more of a breakfast or lunch option than dinner, unless you like to eat very early.

Although I ate there several times, I only tried the gluten free blueberry pancakes (several times) and the gumbo.  Mostly this was because the pancakes were very good and an excellent way to start my day (i.e. cure my Bourbon Street hangover) when I was dining alone.  The pancakes were filled with blueberries, and topped with strawberries.  The gumbo was good, but I don’t know enough about gumbo to say how it ranked compared to other gumbos.  I just wanted to try some gumbo while in NOLA so I had it one day.

The thing that stands out most about Meals from the Heart is the people.  During my visits there, I met the owners, Marilyn and Averill, and one of the employees, Melvin.  All of them were just incredibly nice, friendly people.  I was on my own for the first half of my NOLA trip, so I very much enjoyed their company while I ate there each morning.  Thanks to all at Meals from the Heart for making me feel welcome in NOLA!

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