Jaleo, Oyamel, and Zaytinya – Washington D.C.

On our recent trip to Washington D.C., we were able to try out three fantastic Jose Andres owned restaurants: Jaleo, Oyamel, and Zaytinya.  All have a similar small plate dining philosophy, extensive gluten free menus, and delicious food.

Our first stop was Jaleo, a Spanish tapas restaurant, located at 480 7th St, NW.  Everything we had was great with the highlight being the Ferran Adria Liquid Olives.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have even known to order that, but fortunately for me, my dining companion is very smart!  Service was just okay as there seemed to be food critic there garnering most of our waiter’s attentions.  ByeByeBarley.com apparently gets very little respect! :)

The next night we hit Oyamel for Mexican at 401 7th St, NW.  The food was excellent, although I felt I might have liked the food at Jaleo slightly better.  That may simply have been a matter of how hungry I was or what we ordered, however.  The food was still great.  I liked the atmosphere and service at Oyamel a little better than Jaleo, so I would rate my overall experience at the two about equal.

Our final destination was Zaytinya at 701 9th St, NW for a Turkish, Greek, and Lebanese lunch.  Of the three, this was the restaurant we there the least excited about, but it actually turned out to be my favorite of the three!  Great food, atmosphere, and service!  The only small issue was that waitress forgot to bring our olive order and brought them out when we mentioned this after we had finished all the other courses.  That was a little disappointing since they would have been good to munch on throughout but were way too strong to just eat at the end.

Overall, these are three amazing restaurants that I very highly recommend!

Obligatory pics below.  Unfortunately, I think I forgot to photograph a few dishes, notably the Liquid Olive. :(

Note: I’ve been informed by my dining companion that this review does not do the restaurants justice, so I will have to rewrite it.  Stay tuned for an update!!!





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