Heartland Brewery – New York City

I tried out Heartland Cafe, at 625 8th Avenue (at 41st St in Midtown), in New York City a couple of weeks ago.  I was actually planning to go to Market Cafe, on 9th Avenue, but I arrived around 4 PM on a Sunday afternoon to find them closing.  They informed me they were only open for brunch on Sunday.  I like brunch and going to the website to add the link for this review, I see that they have “unlimited Mimosas, Bellinis, Bloody Marys, Skrewdrivers, or Margaritas” by adding $12 to any entree (I think this is just with brunch).  I’m confident my dining companion and I can more than get our money’s worth out of that deal:), so I think I’ll be taking a Monday off from work soon!

In this case, I was starving, dining alone, and had stupidly worn very uncomfortable shoes to NYC (my feet were actually bleeding when I got home!).  So, I fired up my gluten free app, hoping for something close.  Heartland Cafe was my closest good option, and although I wasn’t that excited about it, I limped on over.  I’m glad I did!

Since I was alone, I got seated at a little table near the bar.  Perfect.  I asked for a gluten free menu and the waiter informed me that the gluten free options were marked on the regular menu.  Surveying the menu, I spotted Hickory Smoked BBQ St. Louis Ribs as a gluten free option.  I realized that dining alone was the perfect opportunity to eat super messy food, so I quickly ordered them.  The waiter mentioned that they came with fries, so I asked him if they had a separate frier.  He told me they prepared all of the gluten free food in a completely separate kitchen!  Awesome!  I ordered a full rack!

I’ve actually very rarely eaten ribs, because I’m pretty self conscious about eating them in public and I don’t know how to make them (note to blog stalker: we should make ribs!)  So, I’m not an expert or anything.  I thought they were awesome.  The perfect meal to eat when starving!  The fries were decent too, particularly because I felt I could eat them with some confidence (but I popped a glutenease for good measure).  The food at Heartland Cafe definitely exceeded my expectations.

I had read some reviews of Heartland mentioning that they brewed their own gluten fee beer.  I’m a little bit ashamed to admit that ByeByeBarley forgot to ask them about this, but he had a long drive home.  I’ll ask next time and report back!

While Heartland Cafe had several locations, it appears the Midtown West location is the only one with a gluten free menu. :(

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