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I just got back from a week in New Orleans.  Prior to going, I had read that NOLA was one of the more difficult places to eat due to the style of cooking being very gluten heavy and a possible lack of awareness of food allergies at many local restaurants.  I found this to be somewhat untrue as I found several restaurants with great food and gluten free menus.  However, I don’t think I would have been as comfortable trying to order gluten free in a restaurant that was not explicitly gluten friendly as I would be in New York, for example.  I plan to write up detailed reviews of the restaurants I tried, but I wanted to write a general summary of New Orleans first, as I would have found that helpful prior to my trip.

I primarily ate at four restaurants during my stay.

Meals from the Heart Cafe - A small casual restaurant located outdoors in the French Market.  They specialize in quick, healthy food and food allergies.  Incredibly nice and friendly owners and employees.  Full review here.

Muriel’s – An upscale restaurant in Jackson Square that serves Contemporary Creole Cuisine.  Simply Amazing.  The best gluten free food I have ever eaten.  Maybe the best food I have ever eaten.  Full review here.

Palace Cafe – A Dickie Brennan Restaurant serving classic NOLA dishes on Canal with a substantial gluten free menu.  Excellent.  Full review here.

Bourbon House – Another Dickie Brennan Restaurant (Thanks, Dickie!) with a small gluten free online (but not an actual separate menu in the restaurant) mostly serving seafood.  Not all that many gluten free options, but was very good.  Full review here.

I would recommend all of these restaurants, but Muriel’s stands out as just an amazing dining experience while Meals from the Heart is great for a quick bite or takeout, particularly if dining alone.  Palace Cafe and Bourbon House were both very good as well, but not quite up to the standard set by Muriel’s, in my opinion.

There were some other options in NOLA that I did not try for various reasons (time and distance mostly).  I can’t personally recommend them, but I wanted to record my findings here to save others research time.

GW Fins – Supposedly one of the best seafood restaurants in NOLA and gluten friendly.  They don’t have a gluten free menu that I know of, but I read a few good gluten free review of them and saw a post on their facebook page mentioning one of their many gluten free dishes.

Bayona – Does not appear to have a gluten free menu, but says they can accommodate any dietary concerns and I’ve read good gluten free reviews of them.

Deanies – Has a pretty extensive gluten free menu on their website, but when we asked about it, they said they were supposed to have one, but didn’t.  We decided to leave and go to Bourbon House as the tone of the response did not instill much confidence.

Luke – I don’t think they have a gluten free menu, but I read a few reviews of them indicating they could at least accommodate.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse - Located in Harrah’s.  Has a gluten free menu.

Chef Ron’s Gumbo Stop – Advertised as the only gluten free gumbo in NOLA.  That’s not actually true as Meal’s from the Heart also serves a gluten free gumbo, but it would have been good to try if it wasn’t too far from the French Quarter.

Wandering Budda – A Korean Vegan restaurant with several gluten free options.

Casamentos – It says on their website, “Our Fried Seafood is Gluten Free!”  If I had seen that before my trip, I would have tried this place for sure.

Juan’s Flying Burrito, Superior Grill – These both appear to be gluten friendly Mexican Restaurants, although it isn’t clear to me whether or not they have a separate gluten free menu or not.

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