Fuel Pizza – Washington D.C.

I’ve been slacking horribly in updating my blog, but I was in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago and tried out a few different restaurants that were gluten free.  The first is Fuel Pizza.  The have several locations in North Carolina and Washington D.C; we ate at the one at 1606 K Street NW in D.C.

Fuel serves other things like wings, sandwiches, and calzones, but I don’t believe any of those are gluten free.  The serve both slices and pies of normal pizza, but only full pies of the gluten free version.  I believe they had a fairly small size available, so this isn’t a real problem unless you are in a huge rush and don’t want to wait for it.  There is a list of 35 “pie parts” to add to your pizza with the vast majority being gluten free.

It has been a few weeks and I didn’t take any pictures of our pizza, so I can’t remember what toppings we had on it.  While I may have been biased a bit by being absolutely starving at the time, I really liked it.  It was wasn’t fancy, just good solid pizza.  Compared to other pizzas that I’ve tried, it had very thin crust.  I have always generally liked thin crust pizzas, but I think it is a particularly good idea for gluten free pizza crust since, unfortunately, the crust usually isn’t the highlight of gluten free pizza.  Overall, Fuel Pizza is definitely worth trying if you’re in the area.

Most importantly, Fuel Pizza also serves gluten free Red Bridge beer.  Can’t go wrong with gluten free Pizza and Beer!!!

More D.C. reviews on the way!

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