Five Napkin Burger – New York City

I’ve been to Five Napkin Burger twice, once many months ago, and again a couple of weeks ago.  I believe my first visit was to the Hell’s Kitchen location at 630 9th Ave and my second to the Upper West Side restaurant at 2315 Broadway.  My dining companion is in charge of NYC navigation (among other things) so I may be off on which locations we’ve visited.

Assuming I’m correct, the one on Hell’s Kitchen had a gluten free menu, while the Upper West Side version did not.  Despite not having a gluten free menu, the bartender said they could make any (I think ) of the burgers gluten free.  I can’t remember which burger I had the first time, but I had a bacon cheeseburger the second time, which was very good.

To me, the best thing about 5 Napkin Burger is the beverages.  I miss being able to have a burger and a beer in a restaurant.  5 Napkin Burger had New Grist gluten free beer on the menu.  I also love cider, which 5 Napkin has several of on the menu.  I opted for cider on each of my visits.  Finally, several of their signature cocktails are made with Titos Vodka, a naturally gluten free corn vodka!

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