Bourbon House – New Orleans

Bourbon House is a Dickie Brennan Restaurant specializing in seafood in New Orleans.  It located at 144 Bourbon Street , not far from the intersection of Canal.  I ate there once on my recent trip to New Orleans and enjoyed my meal.

Although Bourbon House has a gluten free menu posted on their website, they did not actually have a physical copy of one in the restaurant.  That always concerns me, since it makes me feel like there is less awareness in the restaurant than there would be if they had a menu.  The waitress went over what was gluten free on the menu and when I double checked, the options she presented were in agreement with the menu.  That made me feel much better.

Trying to sample some local NOLA cuisine and sticking with Bourbon House’s seafood theme, I had Lousiana Oysters on the Half Shell and Redfish on the Half Shell, which appears to be Bourbon House’s signature entree.  Both were excellent.  I also tried a couple of the Bourbon BBQ Shrimp, which were also very good.

While the food was great and I absolutely would have returned to Bourbon House, I choose other options for the rest of the trip for a few reasons.  While the staff seemed gluten aware, it was the only one of my gluten free NOLA spots without either a physical gluten free menu  (Muriel’s and Palace Cafe) or explicit specification of gluten free items on its regular menu (Meals from the Heart Cafe).  Also, I had tried the three things I most wanted to on the gluten free lunch and dinner menus, which were sufficient, but not quite as diverse as Palace Cafe or Muriel’s.  Finally, I was so absolutely in love with Muriel’s that I choose to go there every opportunity I got.  Despite only going there once, I absolutely recommend dining at Bourbon House if you are in the French Quarter.

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