Bloom’s Deli – New York City

I was in Manhattan for a couple of days last week and ate a Bloom’s New York Delicatessen & Restaurant a couple of times last week, once for lunch and once for breakfast. Bloom’s is located at 350 Lexington Avenue on the corner of 40th Street. It’s a very casual place and felt to me like an old school New York City Deli should; it is the kind of place I always want to eat at while I’m in New York, but usually can’t.

Bloom’s has a substantial gluten free menu, with many options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The staff seemed very gluten aware and during one of my visits, the waitress already had the gluten free menu in her hand from another table. Bloom’s also does takeout if you’re looking to order gluten free.

For lunch I had a corned beef sandwich. It was piled high with delicious corned beef on what appeared to be Udi’s bread. Given the size of Udi’s bread, $12.95 sounds like a lot for a sandwich, but given the quality and amount of the corned beef, it was well worth it. It came with a couple of pickles and some coleslaw as well. Highly recommended.

I was so impressed by my corned beef sandwich that I went back for breakfast the next day. They had a sign outside advertising their gluten free pancakes and french toast, but I could not resist ordering the “Big Man Omelette”, which contained Pastrami, Corned Beef, and Kosher Salami. It was okay, but not quite up to the standard set by the corned beef sandwich. I’ll try the gluten free pancakes next time I’m there for breakfast.

Overall, Bloom’s is a great place to stop by (or order in) for a quick, casual gluten free meal in Manhattan.

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